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Carol A. Joyce          

MA Translation & Interpretation 

San Diego, CA





w Large medical/biotech and hardware/software experience

w Excellent math, analytical skills and understanding of technical documents; excellent writing and editing skills.

w Member of ATA and NCTA.

w SDL Trados Studio 2021.

w Support FrameMaker, PowerPoint, PageMaker, RC, QuarkXpress, SGML, XML, Interleaf, Ventura, C/C++, Java, Excel, Access, Resource files, Windows Help files, HTML Help and HTML/ASP/JSP to XML and XSL files.


Specialty Fields: Software/Hardware Localization, Web sites, Life Sciences, Biomedical, Biotech, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Scientific, Journalistic and Literary Works.         




w Master of Arts in Specialized Translation/Interpretation, June 1991, University of Grenoble, France

Concentrations in Specialized Translation and Interpretation in French, English and German (in Technical/Scientific, Business, Journalistic and Literary fields). 


w Master of Arts in International Business and Trade, June 1991, University of Grenoble, France

Concentrations in International Trade, Economics, Logistics and Marketing.


w Baccalaur�at in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, June 1987, Lyc�e �douard Herriot, France



Translation Experience


Medicine, Biotech, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology

From English or German into French:

w Biotechnology and medical equipment manuals and brochures for Medrad, Inc., Pharmacia & Upjohn, medical catheter equipment documentation for HeartPort, Inc. and Microbiology Analysis document for Millipore.    

w Medical documentation about the benefits of vitamins for Corporate Translations.

w   Electrosurgical instruments instructions for Snowden-Spencer and surgery equipment instructions (Vein Retractor System, Immobilizer System, etc.) for Genzyme Biosurgery.

w Documentation regarding Public Health and Medical Institutions in the world for the OSEC (a European Organization).    

w   Baxter Corporation's Bioscience Internet based hemophilia therapy management system (Advoy) providing a Patient Notification System to receive important Plasma Industry product information.   

w   BioMérieux, Inc.

    Online Help of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test (detection of resistance to antibiotics AST) and Bacterial Identification System and review of Microbial Detection System Operator Manual.

    Operator Manual of a Multi-Channel Discrete Analyser used to perform clinical analyses related to hemostasis and thrombosis.

    Software and Operator Manual of OBSERVA� software that performs data management functions for a Microbial Detection System ; Reviewed NucliSens Extractor Operator Manual for the Automated Extraction of Nucleic Acids from Biological Samples.

   Microbial Detection System (BacT/Alert) Manuals.

   Technical sheets for In Vitro Diagnostic products (VIDAS PROBE� STD Processing Kit, BacT/ALERT culture bottles) and inserts (Verify� Low Fibrinogen Control for fibrinogen assays, Viperquik� LA-Test [Screening Test for Lupus Anticoagulants], Russell Viper Venom-based screening test for the Factor V Leiden defect), BacT/VISTA Hardware Supplement, BacT/ALERT� 3D� Microbial Detection System.

  VITEK Software and Workflow Manual (automated instrument dedicated to the identification of bacteria, yeasts and susceptibility testing of non-fastidious bacteria), the VITEK Expert System Manual and Electronic Recordkeeping User Manual and Installation Instructions.

w First DataBank: Large online databank of pharmaceutical monographs.

w Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (and Biospace): Pharmacogenomic Bone Marrow Isolation Procedure and correspondence regarding specimen RNA concentration and quality tests.

w Biotronik: User Manual of an Implant Control System - Programming and monitoring system for the implantation and follow-up of electrotherapeutic devices (pace-makers and ICDs).


w Becton Dickinson

     BACTEC LX Script: about the BACTEC microbial detection system and the latest blood culture technology.

     Editing of BD ProbeTec ET System Manual Revision (Strand Displacement Amplification (SDA) technology system for the detection of targeted organisms from clinical specimens.

w Gilead Sciences, Inc.: Hepsera Product Monograph (treatment of Hepatitis B).

Nature Publishing Group, Inc.: Publications on Cialis clinical trials for the IJIR (International Journal of Impotence Research).  

w       TRANSMED Medizintechnik GmbH: Documentation of Haem-O-Trans Equipment for wound and drainage blood collection.

w       Porex Surgical: Documentation of SPG Bulb Drainage System and TLS Surgical Drainage System used for post-operative drainage in surgical wound management.

w       Siemens Medical Solutions:

       Documentation about cardiac and vascular Transducer and Catheter equipment and the companion workstation equipment (CWS) (an exam digital image and data management solution).

     Clarify VE Flyer (vascular enhancement imaging technology).

     Ultrasound technology: Acuson Sequoia Echocardiography systems.

w       Perclose (Abbott Laboratories): StarClose documentation (Introducer Set and Vascular Closure System related to diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization procedures).

w      BCI Inc. (Smiths Medical): Patient monitoring equipment.

w      Applied Biosystems: Real-time PCR systems (polymerase chain reaction) for the detection and quantification of nucleic acid sequences.

w      BD Bioscience: FACSCount Instrument (IVD use) Safety and Limitations.  Package inserts of reagents for identification of cells expressing CD11c, CD79a, CD1a antigen, etc.

w      IntraBiotics: Clinical study documentation and newsletter (trial for prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia [VAP]).

w   Guidant Corp.: (Instructions for use) Heartstring Proximal Seal System for use during CABG procedures to maintain hemostasis and enable proximal anastomosis.

w    Sybron: LED Radiometer documentation.



From English or German into French:

w Large software projects (from help files, software strings, resource files, html files to software documentation, Training Guides, Release Notes and Newsletters) for 

Hewlett-Packard Corp., Acer, Sagent Technology, Inc.,

Hyperion Solutions, Starfish, Retek, 

Open Mind Software Technologies GmbH,

Rockwell Software, Inc., Allan-Bradley,

ArboText, Inc., AVM GmbH,

Datawatch Corp., Bendata,

Digital Stock, SuSe, DigiDesign,

Microsim, Swissmap, etc.

w DataTools, Inc�s Web pages of their Database Management Systems for Language Automation, Inc

w Data Warehouse and Data Mart for Sagent Technology, Inc.  

w The Product Collateral of a Service Management Information and Reporting software for DataWatch Corp

w Hardware Manuals (Digital Projectors, Trackball and Mouse manuals, Computer Manuals, Interactive Pen Display) for Acer Corp., Wacom, etc. 

w Computer cabinets and electrical equipment documentation for ITS GmbH and Rittal AG.

w Software User Guide � Contract Management (Version 5.2.1) about various Supplier Relationship Management tools for i2 Technologies, Inc.

w The entire digital entertainment solution software Personal Cinema� for NVIDIA.

w Microsoft: Review and translation of Microsoft Business Solution Web pages.

w   Overture: Worked on a lexicography project to be implemented on the Overture search engine - creation of exception and subphrase lists.


Telecommunications, Satellite

From English or German into French:

w Telecommunications manual for Lucent Technologies, complete software and documentation (AirWay products) in the field of wireless telecommunications equipment for HWN (Home Wireless Networks, Inc.). 

w Multiple ISDN and fax equipment software/documentation for AVM GmbH. 

w Telecommunication and electronic equipment documentation for 3M. 

Communications and Network testing equipment (ISDN, DSL) documentation for Trend Communications. 

w Satellite communication (Digital Video Broadcasting) documentation for Intel Corp

Documentation about satellite systems (Virtual Integrated Sky Network) and documentation about CBS (Communication Backup System) related to satellite systems for the Orion Network Systems.

 w 2 versions of GPS software for Global Position Tracking by Satellites (Swissmap) in Switzerland.  


Sciences, Physics/Chemistry

From English or German into French:

w      ABB: Instruction Manual of Gas Analyser Systems for Intrinsically Safe Hydrogen & Purge Gas Purity Measurement.

w Specific and generic scientific documents (related to Physics and High Magnetic Fields) for the CNRS (French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) / Max-Planck-Gesellschaft GHMFL (Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory).

w Web pages related to the field of Quantum Physics and the formation of the various standard measurement units used in the world for the METAS (Bundesamt f�r Metrologie und Akkreditierung) - in English the OFMET (Swiss Federal Office of Metrology and Accredition), etc.  


Engineering, Automation, Electronics

From English or German into French:

w Product Labels, Patents and Manuals related to Printed Circuit Board Layouts and different manuals in electronics for Microsim (Cadence Design Systems, Inc.).

w VXI Electronics Power Supply Installation Instructions and Declaration of Conformity.

Two manuals of VCR/Video multiplexing device for a security system for Advanced Technology Video, Inc.

w General user�s guides for various machines (sprinkler�s programming systems, shrink wrapping system operation manual and Anti-Spill Material user�s guide) for Dupont Corp.

w And reviewed computer-operated controlling equipment manuals and CAD/CAM manuals (computer-automated design and computer-automated manufacturing) for Open Mind Software Technologies GmbH.

w Documentation related to digital welding equipment and software (Phoenix) for EWM HighTec Welding GmbH.


Business, Legal and Marketing

From English or German into French:

w Business documents for the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research)/Max-Planck-Gesellschaft.

w   Marketing documents, corporate contracts, legal articles and financial documents for various big companies, including Daimler-Chrysler, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Porsche, Altokabel. 

w Also translated product Labels and Patents.

w   Marketing documents about U.S. trade for overseas professionals who are marketing U.S. products for the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA).

w Software End User License Agreement for Niku Corp.


General and Literary Works

From English into French:

w Several sections of the Christian Story of Creation for Christian Answers Networks. 

w Literary Christian/Biblical booklets and various writings from English into French for Textools Inc. Canada.

w Specialize in general and literary Christian Biblical writings. 



Work Experience


1994--present: Freelance Translation & Interpretation, US

Performed translations from English and German into French and consecutive interpretation from and into French, German and English for various translation companies and private customers in the U.S. and Europe including Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Overture, bioMérieux, Nature Group Publishing, Baxter, Becton Dickinson, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Biospace, Kensey Nash Corp., Biotronik, Acer, AVM GmbH, Rockwell Software Inc, Berlitz, Agnew Tech II, Uniscape, Inc., Sykes N.V., Alpha CRC. Translated large software programs and manuals, telecom equipment documentation, microbiological instruments software and documentation and publications in biotechnology and biomedical research (In Vitro Diagnostics, clinical trials, product monographs etc.) and literary works.


1992--1994:  Free Lance Consulting and Translation & Interpretation,  Stuttgart, Germany

Worked on contract basis with Porsche and Siemens in export management and international correspondence performing translations in the automotive, legal and business fields and interpretation during business meetings. 


May 1992--Nov 1992:  Hewlett-Packard GmbH,  B�blingen, Germany

Responsible for the configuration validation and production scheduling of multi-user computer systems and software orders for all European regions.  Functioned as the primary interface between the HP-European sales organizations and factories for all order fulfillment issues and order management processes.  Provided inputs for process and information system improvements and translated technical correspondence within the order management department.


Oct  1991--Apr 1992:  Mercedes-Benz Finance Leasing,  Stuttgart, Germany

Worked in Finance department responsible for all journal entries for all automobile related transactions, calculated monthly leasing rates based on the contractual provisions in the leases and was responsible for consolidating leasing costs and budgetary analysis in Cost Accounting department.  Performed technical and legal translations in German--French--English.


1991:  Air Liquide and CNRS / Max-Planck-Gesellschaft,  Grenoble, France

Worked as an interpreter for the Grenoble-based company Air Liquide and for the CNRS (French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) / Max-Planck-Gesellschaft GHMFL (Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory) performing translations in Business and Physics. 





1.39 GHz HP Pavilion (Windows XP), Presario Compaq Laptop (Windows XP), HP Laser printer and HP Photosmart Color printer, Fax/Modem (Cable Internet), HP OfficeJet Fax, CD-RW drive and DVD drive, Epson Scanner/OCR.



Trados Workbench 6, D�j�Vu and SDLX (translation memory and terminology management programs), Cordial 8 (professional syntax and style corrector for French), Systran Pro, Reverso Pro, LogosClient Remote, Microsoft Office 2000 Premium, electronic dictionaries and terminology databases (including Termium, LGDT).  Can acquire necessary software upon request.